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Cat shovel*1


Wool Ball*1

Package contents:
Contains rich rewards such as cat shovel props, bomb props, gold coins, yarn balls and so on.
Activation method:
Click the setting button in the upper right corner of the main interface, continue to click the redemption code button to open the redemption interface, enter the gift package redemption code to receive
Package description:
Accounts that have not used the novice gift pack can be used. Each account can only activate the gift pack once, and each redemption code can only be used once.
Scan code download

Scan code download

About Meowtopia

Meowtopia is a healing cat-themed decoration match 3 game. Player can complete levels to unlock new tasks, decorate your own room, build Meow Coffee Shop, etc. Player can also simulate feeding cats, learn relevant knowledge, enjoy the cuteness of cats and have fun.