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Meowtopia User Agreement

Meowtopia User Agreement

Welcome to use Meowtopia(hereinafter referred to as “the software” or “the service”) operated by Duoyi Network Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “we/us”). You must accept all the terms, conditions, policies and notices stated herein before using the software and service.

Whether you can visit our software depends on whether you accept and observe the service terms (hereinafter referred to as “the Agreement”). The Agreement shall apply to all the users of the software. Please carefully read the Agreement before using our software. Please immediately stop visiting or using our software if you refuse to accept the Agreement.

1.Update of the Agreement

Any new function added to the present software shall also be bound by the Agreement. You may review the latest version of the Agreement on our software anytime. We reserve the right to update and revise any content of the Agreement and we’ll publish the updated version on the software. You understand and agree that if you continue to use our software after the date when the Agreement is revised, we’ll consider your continual using as your acceptance of the updated terms.

2.General Conditions and Forbidden Behaviors

(1)The permit we grant you for the software is personal, revocable, non-transferable and non-exclusive. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, you may, for non-commercial purpose, install, use, display and operate the software and service with smart mobile terminal equipment including but not limited to tablet computer and smart mobile phone (terminal equipment).

(2)You shall not use the software in the following conditions:

• You must observe the applicable laws of your area when you use our service. If any applicable law limits or prohibits you to use our service, you shall follow corresponding requirements and limit or stop visiting or using our service;

• You shall use the software for legal purposes only;

• You shall not use, sell, revise or publish the software unless permitted by the function of the software;

• You shall not have any behavior damaging the security of computer network, including but not limited to: using data or visit the server/account number without being authorized; unauthorized entrance to public computer network or others’ computer system to delete or add the stored information; attempting to search, browse and test the software system, disclosing internet information and any other behavior damaging the internet security; attempting to disturb or damage normal operation of the software system, purposefully spreading malicious software or virus to damage the normal information service of internet; and falsifying (part of) the name of TCP/IP package;

• You shall not use the software in any manner likely to cause damage, suspension, overload or quality reduction of the software (or the server and internet connected to the software) or likely to affect the service provided.

(3)You shall not duplicate, revise or decompile the software. Reverse engineering and creation of derivative works or extracting source code from the software are not allowed. You shall not sell, distribute, redistribute or re-license the software, unless otherwise specified in applicable laws or regulations or you have obtained our prior consent in writing. If applicable laws or regulations entitle you to decompile the software or extract source code from the software, you shall contact us in advance to get the information required; otherwise you shall bear any expense and loss arising therefrom.

(4)You shall not delete or revise any information about patent statement, copyright statement or any other intellectual property right of our software.

(5)You shall not obtain any illegitimate benefit (in or out of the software) or make any third party obtain such benefit with BUG or loophole of our software.

(6)We reserve all the rights not explicitly granted to you. If you violate any of the above regulations, this license may terminate automatically or we may terminate it on our sole discretion anytime.

3.Personal Account

(1)You may need to register or have already registered our account to use our service. You shall understand and agree that you shall not allow any third party to use your account number by presenting, lending, transferring or sharing. At the same time, you shall not use the account number for any commercial purpose or use it commercially in any form.

(2)What we grant you is the right to use the account number under the precondition that you observe the regulations herein. The account number is still owned by us and we reserve the power to take any action for the account number including but not limited to suspending, prohibiting, taking back and deleting your account number according to the Agreement.

(3)We may allow you to log in and log on the licensed items through any third party platform (such as Google or Apple). You agree that you shall observe the terms and conditions of related third party platforms (except for the Agreement) applicable to your use of such functions.

(4)You shall be liable to keep your account information confidential and shall assume corresponding responsibility for your account number and all the behaviors through your account number. You shall not claim for compensation against us if any third party uses your account illegally or otherwise visits your account. In addition, you may immediately inform us of any stealth, unauthorized use or any other security loophole in relation to your account.


(1)You shall get and maintain the equipment on your own necessary to use our service, including but not limited to mobile phone and computer. You shall also assume all the expenses arising from such equipment, including but not limited to internet charge, telecommunication expense and electricity cost. You acknowledge that such expenses have been paid to the third party irrelevant to the Agreement and that we’ll not be required to assume any liability according to the Agreement.

(2)The service supplied to you may contain paid content. We will make explanation on corresponding pages to the related charging standard, charging method and way of buying. You shall be obliged to read such explanation carefully before buying the paid content. Once you choose to buy our paid service or accept related service, it means that you have fully understood and accepted the corresponding charging method and standard.

(3)We may provide you with automatic payment, payment on term or subscription-based payment. Based on that, you agree (according to applicable laws and regulations) that:

• Prepayment is generally required for such buying. Unless the buying is based on subscription, we’ll inform you before automatic renewal;

• You shall authorize us to:

A.Store the information (such as credit card information) about the payment mode you have chosen on our system; and

B.Issue vouchers for the payment mode you have chosen within related period you have chosen or we inform you.

(4)If any payment made by the mode you have chosen is rejected or returned:

• We may not provide or suspend providing you with related content or service before the payment is properly handled; and

• You shall pay to us any expense, cost, expenditure or any other sum (we may charge such sums from you automatically) arising from such rejection or returning.

(5)You agree that any payment you made to us for your use of our service shall be final payment and won’t be refunded unless agreed herein or in related charging terms.

(6)If you don’t think we have charged correctly, you shall contact us within 30 days after the date of related charging under the precondition that you observe applicable laws and regulations. We won’t return any payment made incorrectly after expiration of the time limit of 30 days.

5.Intellectual Property Right

(1)You acknowledge and agree that we shall own any and all the legal rights and interests of the software, including the ownership, intellectual property rights, neighboring rights and other rights and interests concerned in the software and service.

(2)The information in the software, including but not limited to text, software, audio, video, picture, chart, all advertisements and commercial information we provide to you, shall be protected by laws and regulations on copyright, patent and trademark. You may use such content only with our authorization. Without permission you shall not duplicate, revise or edit such content or create any related derivative works.

(3)Unless extra written agreement is reached between you and us, the Agreement shall not authorize you to use any software name, trademark, service mark, logo or domain name in relation to us or any other mark with obvious brand characteristics.

6.Your Information

We respect the privacy and personal information of each user. We’ll take necessary measures to protect your privacy and personal information according to laws currently in effect, especially special laws on data protection, and we’ll observe relevant laws when collecting, processing, transmitting and storing your personal information. Please carefully read our privacy policy where the ways we collect and use your personal information are specified.

7.Use by Minors

If you are under the age of 16 (or related age for minors in your area) and you want to use the service, please obtain the consent of your guardian and/or any other adult of guardianship first and use the service under the direction and supervision of your guardian or any other adult of guardianship. In addition, your guardian or any other adult with guardianship shall help you correctly understand the content of the Agreement and other related laws and files so as to direct you to use the service appropriately.

8.User’s Content

(1)Some functions of the service allow you to submit texts, images, graphics, pictures, audios, videos, audio-visual combinations, interactive content and content or information of any other media (collectively referred to as “content”) to the software. You understand and agree that we won’t ensure you are able to search or save the content already published locally and we won’t assume any responsibility for loss of any content.

(2)You reserve the ownership of the content you submit. However, if you upload, publish or otherwise transmit your content to the software, it shall be deemed that you, on a voluntary basis, grant us the permanent, irrevocable, transferable and non-exclusive right and permit to use, sublicense, duplicate, revise, adapt, publish, translate and distribute the content and create derivative works from the content worldwide, and we shall have the right to get income or other remuneration within the term of the above rights. You also allow other users to access, display, review, save and duplicate such content for personal use as agreed herein.

(3)When you submit your content to the software, you shall understand and accept that you assume all the responsibility for your content including any possible consequence. We don’t approve of the content or any opinion or suggestion expressed therein. We explicitly state that we won’t assume any liability in relation to such content. Therefore, you shall state and guarantee that you have all the rights or have already obtained (and will continue to have such permit and consent in the period when you use the software) all the necessary permits and consent for such content.

(4)You agree that your behaviors via the software will be in conformity to (you agree that all your content will be in conformity to) this Agreement as it may be revised from time to time. You hereby undertake and state that: (a) you are the sole owner of all the rights to your content; (b) there are no restrictive conditions to prevent or limit you from granting the permit herein; and (c) your content won’t have any part that (i) promotes illegal activities or contains any illegal content; (ii) is damaging, misleading, cheating, nasty, disgusting, racially or nationally defensive, harassing or discriminates against race, sex, skin color, belief, age, sexual orientation or disability; (iii) is sexually suggestive or blatant; (iv) infringes upon any right of any third party; (v) degrades, defames or slanders us or any third party; (vi) contains any virus, worm, Trojan horse or any other forbidden or destructive code; or (vii) violates any law, rule, regulation or policy of the competent jurisdiction. You agree that you will protect us and any of our clients, agents, successors and assignees against and keep us and any of our clients, agents, successors and assignees free from any harm resulting from any related expense (including reasonable legal cost) for any loss and compensation arising from any complaint or claim of your breach of the statements and undertakings specified herein.

(5)You agree that you won’t release or upload any content which is illegal in the country where you live or the use or ownership of which is illegal when we provide service.

(6)You agree that the content you submit doesn’t contain any material of which the copyright is owned by any third party or any other material owned (including confidential or public rights) by any third party, unless you have the legal rights or official permit or approval granted by the legal owner.

(7)When realizing any situation with potential breach of the Agreement, we reserve the right (but we have no obligations) to determine whether such content meets the requirements agreed herein, and we may determine on our own discretion any time that you may delete such content without extra notice and/or forbid the users to upload any content.


(1)You shall keep us free from the harm arising from any claim for compensation against us proposed by any other user or any third party (including public institutions, hereinafter referred to as “the third party”) for your violation of the Agreement and our privacy policy. You shall assume all the reasonable expenses, including reasonable legal expenses, arising from your infringing upon any right of any other user or any third party. At the same time, you shall ensure that all our other rights and claim for compensation won’t be affected.

(2)The liability we shall assume shall not be more than the total expenses you’ve paid to us within six months before such claim of compensation is proposed and it shall be to the limit of USD100 within the scope permitted by applicable laws and regulations, whether arising from contract, infringement, strict liability or any other reason.

10.Exemption Statements and Undertakings

(1)You acknowledge and agree that the service may be subject to such potential risks as service suspension and failure of response to user request arising from force majeure (natural disasters such as flood and earthquake or epidemic disease; any social event concerning war, rebellion or government action), or technical and telecommunication line reasons such as virus or hacker attack of mobile communication terminal, system instability, user’s physical location and power-off of mobile phone, or any reason beyond our reasonable control or predictability. We won’t be responsible for any of the above risks in any case.

(2)We’ll assume no liability for any loss to users arising from force majeure such as failure of telecommunication line, technical problem, failure of internet or mobile communication terminal and system instability.

(3)Considering business development and adjustment, we reserve the right to revise and terminate the service any time and we assume no liability for the users and any third party when exercising such right.

(4)Any service not officially released or authorized by us and our derivative works are illegal. User may be subject to unexpected risks from downloading, installing and using the software. We won’t assume any legal liability arising therefrom.

(5)Notwithstanding the previous, some countries, states or other jurisdictions may forbid exclusion of some guarantee or liability limitation, so the above terms may not apply to you. On the contrary, the above exclusion and limitation will apply to the maximum extent allowed by law in such jurisdictions.

(6)You fully agree that we have other exemption rights not specified herein according to the laws currently in effect.

11.Our Management over the Software and Service

(1)You have the right to stop using the service anytime.

(2)The software may be updated from time to time. Such update may be done automatically or manually and may request you to pay to us. Please note that the software may be unable to operate normally or cannot operate at all if you fail to install the updated or latest version. We don’t guarantee that we’ll provide any update of the software or that such update will continue to support your equipment or system. Any update of the software is a part thereof and is bound by the Agreement.

(3)We reserve the right to revise, discontinue, suspend or terminate provision of the software anytime according to the practical situation, including but not limited to the user’s ability to access the software and service continuously.

(4)You agree that we may suspend or terminate the service in relation to the software without prior notice in the following conditions:

• You break any term of the Agreement;

• As requested by laws currently in effect or the competent authority; or

• Any other reason why we need to do so.

(5)According to the laws and regulations currently in effect, we reserve the right to totally delete all your information after the service is terminated and will assume no obligation to you.

12.Open Source Software

The software may contain software bound by “open source code” (“open source code software”). Please note that where we use such open source software, some terms in the license of the open source software may substitute for the Agreement. In such case, if there is any inconsistency, such terms shall prevail.

13.Terminal Users of the United States and Regulations on Export

(1)Terminal users of the United States. The software and related files shall be granted to American terminal users as goods for commercial use only. Such rights are granted to all the other terminal users according to relevant terms and conditions in laws of the United States.

(2)You acknowledge and agree that you shall not use or export or re-export any product of the software unless allowed by laws of the United States or laws of the jurisdiction applicable to the software, including but not limited to the case that any product of the software shall not be exported or re-exported to: (a) any country (country or citizens of the country) embargoed by the United States; or (b) any person included in the list of “Specially Designated Nationals” of United States Department of the Treasury or “Denied Persons List” or “Entity List” of the United States Department of Commerce. When installing or using any part of the software, you state and guarantee that you are not in or you don’t belong to any of the countries included in the above lists, or that you are not a citizen of any country included in the above lists.


(1)You agree that our not exercising any legal right or not enforcing any regulation shall not be deemed that we have officially waived our rights. We are entitled to continue to exercise such rights or enforce such regulations.

(2)Without our written authorization, the user shall not transfer any of the rights granted herein, nor shall the user transfer any related liability and obligation to any other person.

(3)Laws of the People’s Republic of China shall apply to the effect and interpretation of the Agreement unless otherwise specified in the laws and regulations applicable in your jurisdiction. In case of any inconsistency of any term herein with any law of China, it shall be re-interpreted according to related law. The invalidity or re-interpretation of such term shall not affect the effect and enforcement of the remaining terms. We and the users agree to settle any issue arising from any such term through consultation. If no settlement is reached through consultation, either party may apply for arbitration to settle the dispute as agreed herein. After arbitration is applied for, any such dispute shall be finally settled by arbitration by China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (CIETAC) South China Sub-Commission according to the arbitration rules. The arbitration award shall be final with legal effect for both parties.

(4)We may translate the Agreement in any other language. In case of any inconsistency between the Chinese version of the Agreement and the version in any other language, the Chinese version shall prevail.

15.Contact Us

If you have any question about the service or the Agreement or you wish to get the previous version of the text, please contact us by https://kf.herojoys.com/myz_en.