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Meowtopia Privacy Policy

Meowtopia Privacy Policy

Welcome to use Meowtopia (hereinafter referred to as “the software” or “the service”)! In order to provide the software and service for you, Duoyi Network Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “we”, “us”, “our”) needs to collect some of your private information. This Privacy Policy interprets how our software and service collects, uses and discloses your information. This Privacy Policy shall not apply to any third party software or service.

Please don’t provide your personal information and do stop using our service if you disagree on our treatment of your information according to the terms of this agreement. Your access to the software or service shall be deemed that you agree on our treatment of your information in the way as described herein. We shall have the right to revise the terms of the Privacy Policy when the software is updated. You may review the revised version of the Privacy Policy in the software. You understand and agree that if you continue to use the software after the date when the terms of the Privacy Policy are modified, we will consider your use as your acceptance of the modified terms.

Please contact us by the email stated below if you have any question or concern.

1.What Information Do We Collect from You?

(1) The information you provide for us

• Personal information: When you create or change your personal account and set the data of your personal account, we’ll collect the information you upload, including the pictures, age, sex, geographic information displayed on the page of your account and other personal information to be added to and displayed in the service.

• The information you provide through our products: We’ll collect and store the content you send, receive and share when using the service. Such content includes any information about you that you choose to include, including but not limited to: your email (when you choose to provide it for us), the information you publish, exchange or reply on the message board, in the forum or chatting area and any feedback you give us. The content also includes the files and links you upload to the service, including the files you establish and share with us and other users in our service as well as the pictures and sound recordings you upload.

• The content you provide via our website: We’ll also collect the content you submit to our website, including our social media or social network website (such as our Facebook, Google Play page). For example, we’ll collect the content you provide for us when you provide feedback or participate in any of our interactive functions such as the activities or events of questionnaire, competition and promotion.

• Payment information: We’ll collect some payment and bill information when you buy some paid service. You may also provide the payment information we collect through secure payment treatment service such as detailed information of the payment card.

• The information generated and displayed when you use game service. When you communicate with other users of the game, you may also provide or generate information (such as chatting records and content of your chatting).

(2) The information we collect

• Data about your account, game progress and any data you may use to the software, such as your game data and your interaction with other users on or through our service.

• Your internet protocol (IP) address.

• Data about your equipment such as your equipment ID, equipment name, equipment type, operating system, advertisement AD, MAC address, IMEI, CPU, language and browser type.

• General location data.

(3) Data we collect from third parties

• The data we receive if you link any third party tool to our service (such as your access to our service via Facebook, Twitter, Game Center, Google Play or Apple).

• Payment data: Such as the payment mode data verifying and confirming your payment.

Please note that we may combine the personal data we collect with the third party contractor and update such data so as to update your data to conduct market analysis and/or improve our service.

(4) Cookies

We or our third party partners may collect and use your information through cookies and web beacons (hereinafter collectively referred to as cookies) and store such information as log information for the purpose of providing you with individualized user experience and service. We’ll strictly request our third party partners to observe relevant regulations herein.

You may choose to allow the installation of such cookies and then prohibit them. However, our service may fail to operate in the way of design if you refuse to install or prohibit such cookies.

Please note that our software may contain cheating detection software or function. The purpose of “cheating detection” is to identify cheating behaviors to prevent bringing unfair competitive advantages to our users which may affect the service experience. The function may collect and transmit the information about your account, game data and detailed information of any program not authorized by us. If you refuse to install the cheating detection software or function or delete or prohibit such function alone anytime, the permit granted to you herein will be terminated automatically.

When you use any third party plugins likely to be used by users or interact with it on our service, such as any small part, sharing button and/or log-on mechanism of third party media, such functions may include social plugin from Google and Facebook, Twitter or other platforms (if any). Please note that it may be bound by their respective privacy policies.

Unless you choose to provide data to us voluntarily, we won’t collect any data about your personal identity such as your name, address, telephone number, fax and email. You acknowledge that if you choose to submit any personal data, your submission will be bound by the Privacy Policy and you will be deemed to accept all the terms herein.

2.How Do We Use Your Information?

(1) Our main purpose to use your information is to provide and improve service. Please continue to read to know about the reasons why we use your information in more details:

• To operate and upgrade the software and service and provide you with the present and new functions;

• To improve and set the software and service in an individualized manner;

• To maintain, test, monitor and improve the quality and operation level of the software;

• To provide support for you and handle your complaints and/or opinions in a timely manner;

• To take corresponding measures when you have any dispute in relation to use of the software;

• To observe any law and regulation currently in effect, legal procedure or enforceable government requirement.

(2) If any new purpose for treating your information appears, we’ll make corresponding revision to the Privacy Policy to inform you that we’ll start to treat the information in relation to such purpose.

3.Sharing Information with Third Parties

We won’t share any personal information we collect from you unless in the following situations:

(1)If required by law to disclose your information, we may share your information with the law enforcement authority, other related authority or third party as needed (for example, to find, prevent or otherwise settle the issues concerning cheating, security or technology; to respond to claims or satisfy any legal procedures, summons or government requirements; to protect the rights, property or personal safety of our users and their cooperation partners or the public).

(2)If we undertake any business transformation such as combination, acquisition or merger by another company, change the control right, reorganize or sell all or part of our assets, your information will be included in the asset transfer.

(3)We may share your information with certain third parties (including but not limited to search engines, content suppliers, advertisement networks and platforms) that provide related service (such as advertisement, marketing, analysis, content and search) for the software. We’ll take appropriate measures to ensure that the user’s identity won’t be identified when such information is disclosed and we’ll request such third parties: (i) to ensure security of the data; (ii) not to use such data to any other purpose than providing service for us; and (iii) to use the data according to the data protection law currently in effect and the Privacy Policy.

Please contact us by the email stated below if you hope to delete any personal information we share with any third party. We’ll try our best to inform the third party to delete related personal information, but we don’t promise such information will be deleted definitely.

(4)We may also share personal information with our subsidiaries, affiliated companies and parent company, provided that they must observe the data protection law currently in effect and the Privacy Policy when using such information.

4.Data Transmission out of Your Area

Our service is oriented to the international scope and we provide our applications for users all over the world. We and the third party organizations providing automatic data processing technology may transmit the information automatically processed from your country or jurisdiction to any other country or jurisdiction all over the world.

5.Time Limit for Us to Use Your Personal Information

Generally we’ll keep your personal information in the time limit necessary for you to perform the contract between us and you as well as the legal obligations. If you suspend the permit or definitely cancel the permit for us to collect, use and disclose your personal information, we (and any third party in cooperation with us) will stop all such use immediately. In such case you may request us to delete your personal information and close your account.

However, some data may still be stored for a period of time to perform legal obligations (taxation, accounting, auditing) or to maintain security and data backup setting and prevent cheating or other malicious behaviors.

6.Third Party Websites or Applications

You may click the links in our service to visit other websites or applications not operated by us. For instance, you may enter a website or application beyond our control if you click the advertisement on our service. Such third party website or software may ask for or collect information (including your personal information) from you independently and provide us with the information about your activity on such website or software in some cases. We assume no responsibility for you to use or be unable to use such third party website or software. You explicitly relieve us of any responsibility arising from your use of such third party website or software. We suggest that you should refer to the privacy policies of all the third party websites or software you visit.

7. How We Protect Your Personal Information

We take safety measures including administrative, technical and physical measures to protect your personal information from any unauthorized access and disclosure. However, there isn’t a single system that is absolutely safe. Therefore, we don’t promise (and you should never expect) that your personal information will be safe all along despite the measures we take to protect your information.

8.Your Rights

According to legal regulations, you have the right to visit, edit and delete your personal information collected due to your visit to and/or use of the service. You may contact us by the email stated below to exercise the above right.

9.Privacy Policy for Children

The service we provide is not applicable for children under the age of 12 or other minimum age specified in laws and regulations of your country currently in effect (“the minimum age”). No one younger than the minimum age shall use the service. Therefore, we strongly suggest that the parents should tell their children not to provide personal data externally without prior consent of the parents. We don’t want to collect the personal data of children younger than the minimum age. Notwithstanding, we will take all possible useful measures to delete the corresponding data if we find to have collected such data. Please contact us by the email stated below if you think we have possibly collected any information from the children younger than the minimum age.

10.Update of the Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy may be subject to revision from time to time. We’ll publish the revised content to the Privacy Policy and any other place as we think fit when revise the Privacy Policy. Please refer to the Privacy Policy anytime and pay close attention to it.

11.Governing Law and Jurisdiction

Law of the People’s Republic of China shall apply to the effect and interpretation of this agreement. In case of any inconsistency of any term herein with any law of China, it shall be re-interpreted according to related law. The invalidity or re-interpretation of such term shall not affect the effect and enforcement of the remaining terms. We and the users agree to settle any issue arising from any such term through consultation. If no settlement is reached through consultation, either party may apply for arbitration to settle the dispute as agreed herein. After arbitration is applied for, any such dispute shall be finally settled by arbitration by China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (CIETAC) South China Sub-Commission according to the arbitration rules. The arbitration award shall be final with legal effect for both parties.

12.How to Contact Us

If you have any question about the service or privacy policy or you wish to get the previous version of the text, please contact us by https://kf.herojoys.com/myz_en