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Cat-themed match 3 game – on Android coming soon!

Welcome to Meowtopia! Exercise the brain and reduce pressure, you decide the decoration of the house. Warm story in the coffee shop, you will be happier with the cat around!


<Meowtopia> is a healing cat-themed match 3 game.

Girl and the cat's story in the noisy city, dressing the cat with various clothes. You decide the decoration style of the warm house, match 3 while exercise your brain.Interesting Meow Q&A let you learn more with the cat.



[Cat-themed game with decoration, you will be happier with the cat around]

Cat-themed game with decoration, presenting you the most unique cats. You will find cats of different breeds here, and Explore will bring you surprise. Share your AR photos for the gift. No matter you are an experienced cat feeder in real life or just enjoy cat videos online, you will find your favourite in <Meowtopia>.



[Healing sweet story between the cat and the girl in the noisy city]

Cher and Toffee met together in a rainy night and then started a wonderful life. Maybe na&iuml;ve due to the age, no matter how hard it is for chasing the dream, the perseverance in the bottom of the heart never fades, friendship and love live forever. There are dubs for game dialogue to provide you the best story experience.



[Gameplay to upgrade, theme event with unlimited surprise]

Gameplay to upgrade to higher level. Wool Ball, Toy Rat, Cat Paw&hellip; Various items allow you to have many choices and strategies. Moreover, the theme event such as "Love and Painting", "Rhythm of Heart" offer secret rewards!



[House decoration, build your dream Meow town]

Decorating your distinct house with dozens of constructible housewares.Classic blue like the sea, pink dreamlike princess style, green forest with sunshine, or purple twinkling music &hellip; Build your unique Meow town!



[Deliver positive energy with environmental friendly tips]

Interesting Meow Q&A will help you get insight of the cat, and this is the little gift this game provides for cat lovers like you. Besides the sweet story, there are a lot of environmental friendly information around the game. This is why we create this game, deliver positive energy, advertise correct values and make people feel warm.